Thursday, October 14, 2010

Endless Possibilities in Serving God

Two of our sisters are celebrating their Jubilee year (50 years of Religious life). This past Sunday at St. Paul’s Catholic parish here in San Antonio, TX, four of us renewed our vows along with the two Jubliarian sisters) during the 10:30am Spanish mass. The mass was absolutely beautiful: the music, the professing of vows, and the preaching. There were many beautiful things that moved me during the mass and too many to share, so I will share only one. One Jubilarian gathered the total number of ministry years of all six of us. It was 263 years! I was surprised by the number of years of only six of us! In the homily our ministry years were shared with the community. The presider invited the parishioners to think of how many years of ministry in the church they have served God. He mentioned different types of ministries and ways to serve God and how people are blessed with different gifts. It is incredible if you add up all the hours/years from this one parish community in serving God and each other. Consider the number of people who serve God in this country and around the world today and the goodness their service has achieved. Thanks be to God for the hope their service provides our world. Imagine if everyone in their own small way served God how much more good come about together. Wow, the endless possibilities of God. Thank you to my Jubilarian sisters for their 50 years of service as well as all others who continue to serve God. Will you to share in what ways you have served God or years in ministry?
Sr. Priscilla Torres, OP
San Antonio, Texas

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