Monday, October 18, 2010

Morning Prayer

Mornings are my quiet time alone. I arise and go to the kitchen to plug in the coffee. I walk around our center and feel new energy in the new day. I frequently sit outside and say my morning prayers from Dominican Praise. I love praying the psalms and the inclusive prayers in our Dominican Morning Prayer book. It unities me with others whom I know also offer morning praise and petition to our God. Sometimes I just sit and absorb the morning sun and am present to the day. This also is my morning praise. The sun enriches my bones and my spirit. The silence of the morning enriches my being and nourishes me for the busyness of the day. The coffee is ready and I enjoy a warm cup before breakfast.

My morning prayer energizes me and orients me for mission. Here in Mexico I have met Isidro, Maria Isabella and their son Felix. They are part of the work I love here. Contemplative prayer and a life of activity go hand in hand for me. This family comes to talk about life in their indigenous village. Our common belief in God has united us in many ways. So, how do your mornings get started?

Sr. Kathy Long, OP
Cuernavaca, Mexico

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