Monday, October 11, 2010


This past summer I spent time at St. Dominic Villa (a skilled nursing facility where some of our sisters live). Throughout my visits I got to know different sisters and spent time visiting, doing chair exercises, playing BINGO and enjoying ice cream sundaes. While I loved getting to know the sisters that would take part in these activities, I continuously was drawn to the room of one sister who did not often take part in the celebrations. I would go sit next to Sr. Teresita and hold her hand as we sat in her room quietly. Sometimes we would share a book of paintings of and prayers to Mary which she enjoyed, or sometimes she would name the family members in her photographs.

I spent many days with Sr. Teresita sitting quietly in her room as she didn’t talk much. When I would walk into her room her face would light up and she would have a really big smile. She would reach out her hand and we would share each others company. This woman had so much wisdom waiting to burst forth from her. Her eyes were reaching out and calling me to her. I hoped one day I could make a retreat with her. Just sitting with and learning from this peaceful woman even if no words were exchanged. From Sr. Teresita I learned more of what it means to be a Sister; the importance of patience, prayerfulness, obedience and unconditional love. This woman was an accomplished artist, teacher and mentor who touched many lives. (This picture is one of her creations.)

One day this past summer some of the sisters at the Villa were talking about heaven and what it must be like. I went into Teresita’s room and when I asked her if she was ready to go to heaven, she said no. On Thursday, The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Sr. Teresita was called home to God to experience the magnificent beauty of heaven. Sr. Teresita, thank you for all you taught me and for all you have given to our community. We will miss you.

Who has taught you an invaluable lesson in your life? Have you ever thanked that person?

Krissie Koll, Candidate
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

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