Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wanting to Serve, to Give Your Heart and Time for Others

Each November around the feast of St. Martin des Porres O.P. the Dominican family living around Mexico City gathers for a day of study and prayer. This year we went to the cloistered monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe. As Dominican family we were 182 total, sisters, priests, cloistered nuns, laity and members of the Dominican youth movement. What a beautiful gathering as family! 

Many young people are in the cloister and joining religious life as well as the youth movement. People want to serve, to pray and give their lives in acts of goodness for this world. We studied the early Dominicans who arrived in the Americas 500 years ago. We had creative presentations on the Spanish conquest and the courageous response by Dominican friars in defense of human rights. I was inspired by the energy and courage of people seeking to serve others. Hearts are moved and decisions made to give to others in a variety of ways. As Dominicans we have choices to live in different groups (cloistered, laity, religious), but our commitment to service and prayer unites us. We make a choice to be for others. Prayer and study are integral to our service.

Where, how will you be of service to others?
Kathleen Long O.P.
Cuernavaca, Mexico

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