Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part of My Formation

One part of my formation this year that I look forward to every month is the Inter-Community Pre-Novitiate. Once a month I join Candidates and Postulants from other Religious Orders for a weekend retreat. We are 7 Candidates from 5 Religious Orders. We are originally from Honduras, Mexico, Vietnam, Sudan, Hawaii, Alabama and Illinois. We bring our rich traditions and life experiences to our conversations. We are joined by our Directors and a different guest presenter each month as we learn and talk about different aspects of religious life and tools we will need on this journey.

I enjoy being with other people who have similar questions and struggles as I live into my life as a Candidate. It is refreshing to be with people that understand what it is like to give away your possessions and try a new phase of life. I have a chance to relax, ask questions, touch base with myself and with God, and to have fun. I have learned some new skills that are useful in community life and in my own prayer life, and have taught pumpkin carving and snow angel making skills.
I look forward to four more months of fun and fellowship with these amazing men and women as we continue on our discernment journey together. I pray for them and their communities and I invite you to pray for us as well.

Have you been part of a group that you looked forward to getting together with?
Krissie Koll, Candidate
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

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