Monday, March 21, 2011

Companions on the Journey

For the past three years, I have had the privilege of living Dominican life and mission here in Trinidad, with six remarkable Sisters and eight Associates who are committed to preaching and teaching the Gospel here in the West Indies.  

On Saturday, we hosted a Day of Discernment here at 5 Picadilly Street in St. Joseph. Sr. Christine Walcott invited us through prayer, reflection, sharing and ritual to reflect on VOCATION, weaving the strands of our personal lives as Dominican Sisters with those of St. Joseph, St. Dominic, St. Catherine of Siena, Father Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli, our Founder, and the nine women who gathered with us seeking their life choices as they listen and respond to God’s call in their unique journeys.

For me, one of the greatest gifts of being a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa is our willingness  to invite people to COME AND SEE how we live and what we do TOGETHER to participate in the building of a holy and just society.  At one point, Christine sent us off in twos as companions on the journey. Listening to the hopes and dreams of each other , sharing the questions and concerns of our hearts, and blessing each other with the love and peace of a God who journeys with us is such a tangible GIFT of our life together.

Preaching and teaching the Gospel in this way always enlivens my capacity to live life more abundantly and deepens my commitment to be faithful to our shared life of prayer, study, community and ministry. These gatherings always make me proud and happy to be a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa.

Where have you journeyed lately? Who have been your most trusted companions?
Patty Rinn, OP

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