Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lent is a time for Fasting. . .From!

During the Church's season of Lent we are asked to engage our daily lives with a renewed vision.  We are called to pray more intentionally; be generous and self-giving; and fast and abstain on certain days from certain foods.

Considering just one of these - Fasting - as more than about food, what new ways might we fast?

Several years ago, as the it seemed inevitable that the U.S. was going to invade Iraq, watching the news I went through sleepless nights, worrying for people I knew in Iraq.  Why?  Because I had come to know Dominican Sisters & Priests and the people they served with I visited the country. 

My Spiritual Director, listening to my concerns and its impact on my life and ministry, suggested that I "fast" from the news!  This was an awakening for me about this spiritual discipline - a depth the was new and life giving. 

As Spiritual Director I have shared this insight about fasting with others expanding this new learning to consider what else might I/we "Fast From" like our attitudes, unhealthy habits, emotions that drain our energy and more.

So - this Lent - what might you need to Fast from?  What new direction do you want to move toward?]]

Roberta Popara, OP
North Palm Beach, Florida

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