Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapter 2011

Meeting sometimes can be pretty boring!!  Not the one we're participating in these days.  About 240 of the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa and some of our associates are gathered at Green Lake Conference Center in Wisconsin for what we call a General Chapter.  A Chapter is an important event in the life of our community.  Every five years we gather to review the past five years, decide on our focus for the next five years and elect our leaders to help take us there.  In addition, we have a chance to re-connect with one another, pray together, and enjoy one another's company.

Today is Day 3 of 8 days!!!  There's lots of energy in the group!!  Yesterday, today, and in the days ahead, we are engaged in "sacred conversations," deep listening to one another and speaking from our hearts about what is most important to us.  It's through those conversations that we decide our common direction or focus.  As we listened to summaries from each table at the end of the day yesterday, these were some of the words that were heard: courage, holy and just society, speak truth in love, what do we have to lose, gospel living, letting go, collective power as women, oneness of all, sustainability, Dominican, and so much more.

We pray "Fire of Love, creating us anew" and ask that you pray with us that we will open ourselves to the Spirit as we continue our conversations and make decisions in the days ahead.
Sr. Mary Ann Nelson, OP
Madison, Wisconsin


  1. I join you daily in praying the Chapter 2011 prayer. This beautiful prayer reminds me of your congregation's commitment to serve and be in right relationship with others. It also underlines the importance of your dedication to the varied ministries God calls each of you to do at different times. I have had the privilege of getting to know a few of your sisters and wish only the best for your future. Your presence is a gift to all.

    These finely chosen words are most relevant for my colleagues and me, too, as we plan for the future in these coming weeks and years.

    God bless your work and together-time this week!

  2. I have spent the last week at Chapter reconnecting with sisters and associates that I have not seen in a while and also meeting many sisters I had not yet met. I have been at table with some incredible women as we discerned the direction for the next five years. The passion I have witnessed and the movement of the Spirit amazes me. The care and love I have heard expressed touches my heart. I am excited to be joining these faith-filled women as we move into the future.


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