Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chapter 2011....Moving Us into the Future

It’s mid-April.  Our long-awaited Chapter has ended.  We’ve elected new leaders.  We’ve crafted our words.  And our week of national togetherness has ended.  This is what we said:

As Sinsinawa Dominican women,
we are called to proclaim the Gospel
through the ministry of preaching and teaching
in order to participate in the building of a holy and just Church and society.

In a world graced by the Holy Spirit
yet wounded by divisions, exploitation, and oppression,
we are impelled by God’s tender mercy
to commit ourselves in partnership with others
to seek and foster right relationships
among all of God’s people and with Earth that sustains us.

DIRECTIONS FOR 2011 – 2016
Having opened our hearts to this profound time of grace
and being created anew by the Fire of Love,
we commit ourselves to living boldly together into the next five years.
We call one another to
speak courageously and risk for justice
live authentically and relate transparently
reverence Earth and expand consciousness
dream globally and collaborate intentionally
search contemplatively and study communally
explore the emerging Wisdom of God.
Now all we have to do is LIVE this reality – and make it the rest of the way to Easter!  It’s a great way to live.  Do you want to join us? 

Sr. Ruth Poochigian, OP
Madison, Wisconsin

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