Monday, April 11, 2011

We're All Artists

At the end of March I attended one of my Inter-Community Pre-Novitiate weekends. Going into the weekend I was apprehensive as our topic was “Art Spirituality” and I am NOT artistic. I was concerned that I would have to create a recognizable picture with watercolors or ink. Well, I did create pictures with watercolors and with ink, but our intention was not to create a certain picture…just play. After we each had eight or ten creations in front of us we looked at them and found the picture within the colors. As I listened, I could not see the images my tablemates found in their pictures, but they couldn’t see mine either. That made it all the more special.  My favorite part of the weekend was when we dialogued with one of our pictures…asking it what it wanted to share with us, what wisdom or insight. I was reminded of the importance of joy and gave myself permission to experience it once again.

Krissie Koll, Candidate

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  1. Writing a blog post is a form of art dear friend!


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