Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tables Where I've Been Fed

Last night I enjoyed a wonderful reunion and conversation with friends - and I was served a sumptuous meal.   It was a table that was laden with good food and rich wine - and it was a table surrounded by friends and stimulating conversation.  What a delight!  What a gift!
It reminded me of all the other times and places where I have been fed - daily meals, festive ones on holidays and special occasions, prayerful gatherings that included eucharist.  Each of these times and places feature memories of the people who surrounded me, the event and the setting.
The food and wine featured in these memories isn’t nearly as important as the depth of our conversations. Each time we go deeper it is as though I’ve been fed by those who are gathered around the table.  When someone new is brought into the circle by a friend we practice skills of welcome in accepting that person, and experience a growth in wisdom and compassion.
I am blessed!  How about you?
Ruth Poochigian, O.P.  Madison WI

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