Monday, July 11, 2011

Feeling Used?

Have you ever felt used?  I imagine you have.  However, when the Holy Spirit is the one who uses you to bring something special to someone then you are being "used" in the best possible way. 

Today I visited a 96-year old parishioner who thanked me over and over for what I had said to her during a previous visit.  She said she would wake up at night and be so comforted by what I had said to her.  I have no idea what I said to her that made such a difference, but that's not important.  I was being "used" by the Holy Spirit to bring her comfort and to gift her with the grace she needed to resolve a dilemma in her life.

Last week I was part of a team who led a retreat for women.  Two women who came to the retreat with heavy burdens said as they left that they felt "light as a feather."  We were being "used" to bring God's love, peace, and strength to these women.  What a joy to be "used" in ways like these!

How is the Holy Spirit "using" you?

Marie Lucek, OP
Juneau, Alaska

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