Monday, August 22, 2011

Dominican Study Means Trying New Things

As Dominican women, we live by four pillars or life foundations - prayer, community, ministry, and study.  Our study happens in many ways.  There is formal study, which takes place in the classroom or lecture hall.  Keeping up-to-date by paying close attention to the signs of the times is another way we study.  Sometimes, our study is joined to another pillar.  For a number of years, the Dominican women of Sinsinawa have practiced communal contemplation at our gatherings.  This contemplation required preparation or study so we could each begin our endeavors to listen to God and each other.    I am proposing that our study also includes trying new things. Maybe it is gardening or line dancing or trying a new sport.   This "trying" may or may not require a trip to the library or a search on Google.  This past month, I visited our camp, Camp We-Ha-Kee (see the cool website -  I tried water skiing, tubing, and wind surfing.  I was not such a good study of water skiing.  But, while tubing, I re-learned the child-like delights of screaming at the top of your lungs and laughing until you cry.  And, while attempting wind surfing, I did my best study.  As I slowly figured out to loosen up my stiff body, and allow the wind to guide my movements, I learned to sail across the water at an incredible speed.  What a wonderful experience.   Dominicans study happens in many ways.  Each attempt to learn allows us to praise, to bless, and to preach the creative power and love of God in our lives.

So, what did you learn this summer? 

Peggy Ryan, OP
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

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