Friday, September 2, 2011

Dominican Preacher and Teacher

Whether we are involved in education in any way or not, it always seems that August/September ushers in a new year of possibilities.  Students return to school and most parishes, after a slow summer of activities, begin to crank into full gear.  During August Sister Geri and I have been very busy as “itinerant” Dominicans, traveling to parishes to do workshops for pastoral councils, catechists, or other lay ministry groups.  It is so nourishing to my spirit to meet people who are truly “on fire with the Word” and as disciples of Jesus want to take part in the building of the reign of God.  Last night we traveled to Russellville, KY, where our Sister Patricia Sullivan ministers to the Hispanic community.  But we learned that she also makes a big impact on the parish religious education program.  Would we expect any less from a Dominican teacher and preacher????

All of us are on this wonderful journey of faith with others who truly seek the Living God and want very much to make this world a better place.   How do you contribute to the building of God’s reign here and now?
Georgia Acker, OP  -  Bowling Green, KY

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