Monday, September 26, 2011

Living Alone and Still in Community

I live in an apartment in Davenport, Iowa and I feel very connected with our sisters especially my local chapter.  

Thirteen of us meet monthly for three to four hours. We pray, update one another on the happenings in our life, have an in-depth conversation on a selected topic and share a meal.

My local chapter met Sunday September 18 at the Mound. Our group includes five sisters living at the Mound, two in East Dubuque, three in Dubuque and three in outlying areas of Iowa.  Our topic was our new congregation directional statement. Our commitment to one another following this discussion is that we will begin each monthly gathering sharing how we lived our directional statement since our last meeting.  We will also engage in ongoing study together and will decide that topic in October.

I feel very connected and bonded with these sisters.  At the heart of our lives in community is our relationship with one another.

How are you in relationship with others? With whom do you pray? With whom do you have spiritual conversations? How do you stay connected with those near and dear to you?
Laura Goedken, OP
Davenport, Iowa

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