Monday, January 16, 2012

Becoming Dominican

January 15th - That was the day I received the Dominican habit and became a novice in a Dominican monastery here in Trinidad many, many years ago. I only spent five and a half years there, but what a blessing they were to me!

I was only beginning my journey. God had many surprises in store for me along the way. He has for all of us.

How is your journey? What surprises have you experienced along the way?

I am now a Dominican sister of Sinsinawa. I made profession 5years ago, and final profession 2 years ago.  Twelve years ago I did not even know of the congregation except as the group to which Sr. Glenda Rodriguez, a Trinidadian woman, belonged. I don’t think I even knew the word ‘Sinsinawa.’  Then God surprised me.

Today, at our mother-house another woman - Kathy Flynn- is about to be welcomed as a candidate for our congregation.  Our God of surprises is at it again. Kathy brings her own giftedness, her own journey. So do you.

Christina Araujo

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