Thursday, January 12, 2012


We live in a fast-paced world.  It is no different for Dominicans who try to fit prayer, study, community, and ministry into each day.  Last October, I planted some garlic in my herb garden.  Every once in a while, as I am go about some daily task, I love to think – the garlic is lying dormant now…the garlic is in process!!!  When I pass this small plot on the way to school each morning, I smile just realizing that someday that garlic is going to be a super pesto sauce!!

Multi-tasking in religious life needs to always involve bringing about new life…making something grow, change, offer hope.  Our tasks, no matter how big or small, must seek truth.

And you, what is your multi-tasking accomplishing these days???

Peggy Ryan, OP
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

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