Thursday, February 2, 2012

How Do You See?

This weekend, via stretch internet, (Yeah and  thanks to Tricia!) I and many others, were able to join our sisters at the Mound  to watch the wake and funeral of Toni Callahan.

Toni was one of a growing number of our US sisters who have visited with us here in Trinidad.  Toni stayed a while longer than most others though.   She came to assist with sister formation.

As I reflected on my own interaction with Toni I remember her genuine smile, her look of pure delight at seeing me and her childlike appreciation for the simple things of life.  

And as I listened to those who knew her, share their memories of her,  I heard many speak about Toni's compassion for the 'other.'  For Toni in fact, there was no 'other.'   She saw everyone as beloved creatures of God.  I was moved to tears by the way this gentle delicate soul had touched the lives of so many, giving them a reason to be and to do.  

As Dominicans we are called to contemplate and produce the fruits of our contemplation.  I am grateful to Toni for sharing with us the fruits of her contemplation.  I thank her for the way she taught us to pause a little longer, to take that long loving look at the 'other.'  Dear Sister Toni pray for us to see as you see.  

How do you see?

Gail Jagroop, OP
St. Joseph, Trinidad

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