Monday, February 27, 2012

Lent's Desert

Today, we begin the second week of Lent with the Spirit driving Jesus out into the desert for forty days.  Lent is an intentional desert time to reflect on God and deepen our relationship with God.  It requires a change from ordinary life.  Today’s society is so busy there is no desert time.   

It is easy to see why you don’t realize the deterioration of a relationship until you run into a problem.  Recently, I came across a rough patch.  I failed to see God’s blessing in the midst of it, because I was doing all the talking.  I failed to stop and listen to what God might be saying to me.  Just like a human relationship, our relationship with God requires intentional time and listening.  Sometimes we let our own agendas and other things distract us from listening to God or take precedence over God.

This Lent, I feel the Spirit driving me into the desert for deeper listening.  Where is the Spirit leading you into the desert this Lenten season?  

Priscllla Torres, OP
Jacksonville, Florida

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