Monday, March 26, 2012

It Is Budget Time

It is time for me to do my budget both at work and personally. A budget is a statement of my values.  None of us, I’m sure, have an unlimited budget!

At my work I need to ask how I can best promote the life and mission of the church with the resources at my disposal. In my personal life I also ask how I can best promote the life and mission of the Dominicans of Sinsinawa.

To continue to promote our life and mission, I need to have a good safe place to live; I need to care for my body with good food and exercise. My ministry requires that I dress professionally. My prayer life requires that I have good spiritual reading and I make an annual retreat. I also need time for relaxation and fun. That is what my budget looks like!

The difference between my salary and my budget is sent to the common fund for the congregation. Along with all sisters who are in ministry, we care for our retired, our women in formation, our administration and other congregation needs.

What does how you spend your money say about your values and what you hold sacred?
Laura Goedken, OP
Davenport, Iowa

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