Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's a Matter of Perspective

Settling into Madison life has included taking classes at Edgewood College (just when did the card catalog disappear, anyway, and where did it go?), living with three loving and wonderfully unique Sisters at McCormick House, searching for a new church home, being warmly welcomed in so many ways by our Madison Dominican Sisters and Associates, and exploring volunteer ministry possibilities.  And … finding a good coffee shop! 

Recently, I found myself at just such a place.  As I settled into an easy chair, I watched a woman push a couple of tables together, obviously anticipating the arrival of companions.  The table wobbled.  As I helped lift one end, the woman shoved a folded up napkin under the culprit leg, leveling it to her satisfaction.  The table was now solid once again.

As I sat back down, it occurred to me that the wobbly table was a bit like me before I finally said yes to religious life.  The four legs of our Dominican ‘table’ are Community, Prayer, Study and Ministry.  I had a strong prayer life but wanted to grow in my knowledge of the Gospel and deepen my relationship with God.  I love to study but yearned for a connection between it and living out Gospel values in my life and in ministry to others.  Those ‘legs’ alone were strong but wobbled next to their shorter sister – Community.  Prayer, study and ministry can best be sculpted through shared experiences, something that was missing in my life.  My Community leg needed propping up.  Yes, living communally has its challenges. On the other hand, the blessings associated with it and with this ‘yes’ have been beyond measure! The ‘legs’ of this religious life are in a beautiful dance but each needs to be exercised to keep them strong.

How is your table sitting? Do any of your legs need propping up?

Kathy Flynn, Candidate
Madison, Wisconsin


  1. Good analogy. Looking forward to future postings on your reflections as a candidate.

  2. Dear Kathy,
    Thank you for your insightful and captivating analogy. May we all continue to share our experiences of the four pillars. Hey - and anybody who loves coffee is so cool!!! Peggy Ryan, op


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