Monday, March 12, 2012

Walking Together with Hope (part 3 of Dominican Sisters under 45 gathering)

What does Hope mean for a Religious Sister?  For me, it is trusting in God especially in the most difficult times and struggles.  Hope makes me reflect on October gathering of Dominican Sisters 45 sister and under and one the main topics “What is Walking Together with Hope, mean?  

Great witnesses of this walking together with hope are the Dominican Sisters in Belgium. These sisters are faithful and hope-filled and very generous. Because of their dedication and hard work they made this first gathering of North American OP sisters 45 and under possible.  They wanted to use their monetary funds to further the Dominican mission.  I am thankful for their dedication and hope for the Dominican mission.   

Our gathering consisted of a small number of sisters very much on fire with hope for the mission of God.   We are spread out across the U.S. and come from different Dominican congregations.  We are religious women who have committed ourselves to God, Jesus’ mission and the Dominican Charism of preaching the Truth.  Our Walking Together with Hope is about collaborating, looking at common stances and finding common projects and utilizing modern technology to intentionally bridge borders.

In what ways can you be HOPEFUL and share your love of Christ Jesus with others?

Priscilla Torres, OP
Jacksonville, Florida

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