Monday, April 9, 2012

Earth and Easter

I was recently jolted from my complacency about my relationship to Earth by an Easter greeting from Joy, Promoter of Peace and Justice for the Sinsinawa Dominicans.  She wrote,
As the Easter Season unfolds in the month of April, this is a good time to consider how precious and fragile our Earth home is.

And then she sent me the Mobilize Earth website, where I read
For Earth Day 2012 we are mobilizing the planet simply to say one thing: the Earth won't wait. It seems that environmental issues have been put on the back burner as we are in the midst of a global recession. It is time for us to Mobilize the Earth™ and speak with one voice, one message.

How do I become part of a movement to Mobilize Earth beyond the simple personal measures that I take with along with the women with whom I live? Sure we do the ordinary things, recycle, ride our bikes to work, buy locally and seasonably, keep our heat at 60o.  We even take pride that the first purchase when we moved to a new residence last July was a composter. But be part of a movement to Mobilize Earth, I feel a long way from that.  In this Easter time we remember that Earth quaked, when Jesus died.   Is earth quaking now?  Do we need to speak for her?  What can we do?

Joan Duerst, OP
Monona, Wisconsin

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