Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preparing for Holy Week

Last weekend I had the privilege of participating in a silent retreat given by Br. Richard Contino, OSF. In his Long Island accent, he tied together the three components of Lent (prayer, fasting, almsgiving) with the three vows (poverty, chastity, obedience) in the context of the three days of the Triduum. Not only was this a new look at the vows in a different context, but it allowed me some much needed quiet space to rest and reflect. I was able to fill up my emotional and spiritual tank through journaling, meditation, reflections and yes, some extra sleep.

I had heard that the Novitiate would be full of new experiences and also extra time for quiet. Well, I think I have come to rely on our morning communal contemplation, shared morning and evening prayer and our quiet time for reflection. During the past couple months both my schedule and the personal work that is expected of me have picked up speed and so I needed that quiet even more. The four days on retreat gave me time and space to wrestle with and sift through where God is speaking to me and allowed me to move beyond the “chatter” in my head and in the world toward deeper “conversations” with the people around me and with God.

Beginning Holy Week with a silent retreat was a blessing and something I will have to keep in mind for future years.

How have you prepared yourself for this Holy Week and Triduum?

Krissie Koll
St. Louis, Missouri

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