Thursday, May 10, 2012

"It requires all of us......"

The invitation to be a blogger for Catherine’s Café is part of the grace of being a Sinsinawa Dominican Sister.  Normally, each of us are writing from our experiences and ponderings – not necessarily linking with others’ blog postings.

This time I want to invite you to read [or reread] the recent posts from Sisters Tanya Williams, O.P. and Joan Duerst, O.P. and then come back to this reflection. . .

Dominican Life does take openness to the future that unfolds for us both personally and communally.  We do need to consider the present, remember the past and take thoughtful steps into the unknown.

In our Constitution, in the section on Membership are the words I used for the title of this piece:   “It requires all of us…”

Tanya and I serve on our Community of Preachers and along with Joan, we are part of our Anti-racism Transformation Team.  More importantly, we are Sisters to one another – and – to about 500+ more members – living faithfully – that which requires all of us.

Dominican Life is not a solo act – it is relational to one anther – through out the Order of Preachers – in service to the People of God.  “It requires all of us…”

This is our response to God’s loving call and grace to live out our vows.

In your life – at this time – what do you feel God requires of you?  With who are your sharing this call and commitment?

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach FL

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