Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcoming the Spirit

We are now in the last two weeks of the Easter season and the Word of God that we hear is all about the Spirit – the Advocate Jesus promised would come and dwell with us.  How do you experience the presence of the Spirit in your life?

During the Easter season I have been privileged to walk with college students at Western Kentucky University who participated in a “Busy Person’s Retreat.”  I was awed and impressed that in the last two weeks of spring semester classes these students took time to spend with the Scripture and with listening to what the Spirit has to say to them.  College students have a lot of stress:  How will I pay my bills?  Will I find a job - a career that will be meaningful to me?  And yet, in the midst of busyness it is so important not to lose sight of the prize – living a life that is guided by the Spirit of God, building the reign of God here on this precious earth of ours.

How do you take time to listen to the Spirit of God living within you?  What is the Spirit saying to you in the springtime of your life?

Georgia Acker, OP  
Bowling Green, KY

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