Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who Comes in the Door Is Who Is Welcome

The title of this blog doesn’t look or sound grammatically correct to me, but it fits the spirit of what I want to tell you about today. You may remember that I am the sister who works in an Art Center in a Mobile city park.  The door I am referring to is bright blue and is adorned with a long paintbrush, a drop of paint just tipping off the end. The door is meant to beckon you, to entice you inside. And it does...

Inside there are lots of windows which give in good light for doing art, as well as opportunity to gaze at the trees and flowers outside. There are plenty of tables and easels and art-works-in-progress. There to greet you is Kassie, the Art Dog, my 6-month-old Golden Retriever. There are also three friendly art teachers who encourage and instruct all comers.

Who comes? Some locally established artists and photographers who want to expand their already awesome skills, or find some fresh inspiration. Some eager children who love to do art and who’s creativity remains un-squelched. Lots of folks who enjoy art and want to learn how to paint or draw or make jewelry or do craftwork or get their hands dirty with clay. They come from many countries, many walks of life, and all stages of life.

No matter what, everyone comes for the welcoming, safe, happy atmosphere here.
It goes beyond Art.
People say they need to come, that they miss not being here.
As the teachers, we do as much listening and encouraging as instructing.
We are low on the judgment piece – artwork and life.
What I wish is that there were lots more places like this, churches included.
And beauty abounds.

Ann Henkel, OP
Mobile, Alabama

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  1. Wow!! Wish I could go there ..... Beautiful reflection! Thanks!


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