Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jubilee Celebrations Are So Great!!

I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Mound celebrating with sisters who are themselves celebrating 25 and 50 years of service and membership as a Dominican of Sinsinawa. It gives me such joy to celebrate our lives together as sisters.  I go there to “work” but I gain so much more than I give.  I always come home from the Mound with renewed energy!

Even though we are so individual and different, we are of one mind and heart. We are able to discuss issues of justice, issues with the church and issues relating to politics all with an open mind. Maybe I should say most of the time with an open mind! We give each other hope in a church and a world struggling for hope and for peace of mind. And we leave, having expanded our thinking.

Over the weekend we meet families of our sisters, we laugh together and we have fun. We break bread together and we celebrate Eucharist. We visit our older and infirm sisters who pray every day for us. What a grace it is to be called to this life and to spend time together. 

Who is in your life for prayer, discussion, love, laughter and fun?

Laura Goedken, OP
Davenport, Iowa

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