Monday, August 27, 2012

Different Colors

Yesterday I attended a Mass and social to remember the founder of our Congregation, Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli OP.  Fr. Samuel was an amazing man with values and compassion for all people that truly reflected the mission of Jesus.  But the event from yesterday that really stays with me was the message of the homilist who told us he was going to preach on Commitment in Color

The homilist first referred to the readings of the 21st Sunday of the year that spoke of commitment.  He then reflected on his first day of school in first grade with a brand new box of colors – there were no broken crayons and all had points.  He enthusiastically began to color the page the teacher had distributed.  His joy was dashed when another student told him he was doing it wrong – the sky was blue, not orange, and the teacher told him he was doing it wrong – he needed to stay in the lines. 

The bottom line:  As followers of Jesus, we are all committed to delivering Jesus message of compassion for all and Jesus’ preference for the poor; however, we all tend to exude that message in different colors.  Though the homilist said all of us attending probably knew more about Fr. Samuel than he, I think the preacher of the day embodied the spirit of Fr. Samuel more than he could believe of himself.

How about you? To what are you committed? How do you color it?
Are you called to add your colors to ours?
            Anne Sur, OP
            East Dubuque, Iowa

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