Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dreams Becoming Reality

In the life of any community there are different seasons.  For our Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, this is a season of the celebration of dreams becoming reality. It's my privilege and joy to be celebrating with them. 

For years, our Sister Glenda Rodriquez dreamed of inviting Trinidadian women to join her community, the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa. Ten years ago tomorrow Archbishop Gilbert officially blessed and opened the House of Discernment in St. Joseph.  Since that time Trinidadian women have discerned a call to Sinsinawa Dominican life and today three of them are finally professed members and one is in temporary profession.  The dream of our Sister Glenda Rodriquez became a reality!

Our Sister Gail Jagroop had another create a retreat center.  On Saturday, our house in St. Joseph, formerly known as the House of Discernment, will be officially rededicated as Dominican WELLSPRING, a retreat center.  Archbishop Joe Harris will celebrate Eucharist with our sisters and associates as we embark on this new project.  Another dream realized!

Finally, the people of Trinidad and Tobago had a dream that they might be free from England and become a republic.  Next Monday the country celebrates the 36th anniversary of having become a republic...another cause for rejoicing and celebration!

Its so important to have dreams!  What are your dreams? How can they become a reality?

Mary Ann Nelson, OP
Madison, Wisconsin

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