Thursday, September 27, 2012

Essential Values of Dominican Life

My life is rich. Dominicans are grounded in prayer, study, ministry, and community. I am grateful for all the ways I am enriched through these essentials of our life together.

Presently I am engaged in ministry as a spiritual companion, retreat facilitator, care giver, and a hospice volunteer. I also minister with our sisters as a manager of our Westchester Apartments in Illinois. I am living our Dominican mission of proclaiming the Gospel as I preach and teach with my life. I am participating with others in the building of a holy and just church and society.

I am so aware that the four essentials are interconnected.  There is a wholeness to my life. My experiences as a Dominican are deepened through prayer, study, community, and ministry.  I realize that these are not unique to professed Dominicans. Our life together is grounded in these essentials and we consistently and intentionally reflect on how we live these out.  I am able to faithfully live these with the support of my sisters.

Do you resonate with these essential values of Dominican life?  I encourage you to seriously consider uniting your desires with ours as together we proclaim the Gospel.

Mary Therese Johnson, OP
Westchester, Illinois

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