Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whose Will....

When I was young, my family would watch Wonderful World of Disney on Saturday or Sunday nights.  At least once a year, we would see Peter Pan – the real one, with either Mary Martin or Sandy Duncan playing Peter.  I was enthralled.  It was real, I knew it was real and when it ended, I knew I could fly!  No one could tell me otherwise.  So when the movie ended, my Mom moved away any breakables and shoved the coffee table out of the way … because Kath was ready for takeoff!  I would stand on the couch, flapping my arms as fast and as hard as I could.  At just the perfect moment I would jump up and off the couch, arms still flapping … and I would land on the floor.  But not before hanging in mid-air for a second, maybe two.  I would try again, flapping my arms harder and jumping higher until the perfect moment when I would jump up and off the couch, arms still flapping … and land on the floor.  But not before a second, maybe two, went by.  Still, I believed if I tried hard enough and long enough, I could will myself to fly.  And so I would try, over and over again, with the same results.
I have lived a portion of my life like that little girl wanting so much to fly like Peter Pan, believing I could find my true calling in this world simply by willing it.  Only when I stopped listening so much to my own voice and started listening to God’s did I find my true wings.  I feel like I’m flying still – thanks be to God!
Where are you? Standing on a couch, flapping your arms, trying to will your place in our world?  Or are you allowing God to guide you? Whose voice moves you? Whose will are you seeking in your life?
Kathy Flynn, Candidate
Madison, Wisconsin

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