Monday, October 22, 2012


I was in prayer/bible study with resident moms at the Divine Mercy House (a maternity home) this past week.  We were sharing about how we are one family in Christ.  One resident shared how DMH is home and family to her and the other residents agreed, too. 

I can see why, DMH is a life-giving community. It is where resident moms’ can belong, be accepted, loved, supported and challenged.  This beautiful community is made up of moms who have chosen life for their babies and who are learning to respect and see the dignity of life in themselves, too. 

Community is essential for Religious Life.  I have realized life-giving gifts in community.  Community nourishes my faith, helps me to live out of my vows and reminds me of my interdependence on others.   It is where I am loved, supported, and challenged to grow and develop into, who God calls me to be.  It is essential for my life journey in living out and preaching the Gospel.

Are you part of any life-giving communities?   Would you consider becoming a part of this Dominican life-giving community? 

Sr Priscilla Torres, OP
Jacksonville, FL

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