Thursday, October 4, 2012


Since you are reading this blog, I know that you are connected to Dominicans of Sinsinawa.
Why do YOU connect? Who connects us?

Recently Pat Leahy and I became connected to Julia Slotnick who lived in the house called CONNECTIONS last year as part of Dominican Volunteers USA.  When Julia moved to Madison to become a campus minister at Edgewood High School, she called us. Julia is staying with us at Monona House until she can get an apartment of her own nearer to school.

I asked Julia why she wants to connect with Dominicans of Sinsinawa.  Her response was that Sinsinawa Dominicans are
·       involved with local projects
·       concerned about global issues
·       willing to connect others in ministry
·       work on professional and cultural development
·       knowledgeable about vibrant, relevant, contemporary parish church
·       respectful of the sacred traditions of the Catholic Church
"Besides all of that you are just 'nice' people, that is you are uplifting, conversational and easy to be with."

Pat and I enjoy being connected.  Recently, Julia invited us to a band concert at Edgewood.  This alive group of students was having much more fun than when I was in band there many years ago.

I am glad for our connection to you, reader of this blog.  I believe that it is ultimately the Spirit of God that keeps us all connected.

Joan Duerst, OP                                                                                                                                                              Monona House

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  1. Hi Joan! from Lucy...
    I too made a Connection with Monona House this summer when I came over for a meal.
    Over dinner, you and Pat shared your vision for the house, which I would describe as an informal housing cooperative with intentions... Intention to care for planet Earth and Intention to grow racial justice. Each occupant of the house contributes toward these two causes in her own way, at her own pace, and the result is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. House members' shared purpose creates connection within their home which naturally branches out into the community and beyond. The smallest effort leaves a mark because of connections. Three cheers for Monona House!


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