Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Is In God's Hands

Have you ever invested yourself in a situation, a project, a work goal, a person?  Hmmm, as I write this, it strikes me that this is what Jesus did.  Then, when you are disappointed or dismayed what did you do?  Upset the money changing tables in the Temple?  Different forms of discouragement can surely come with a passion for ministry. 

Recently, one of the women I have worked with for two years went out and used heroin again.  Gosh did my heart plummet!  I had so wanted her to make other choices.  Despite my enduring affection for, her she made her choice.  I have danced with all of these mixed feelings in prayer these past weeks.  I was feeling down and sad about this.  Then I read a line of Thich Nhat Hanh: ‘ To meditate well, we have to smile a lot.’  In smiling I found myself (yes, again) realizing that all is in God’s hands.  I suspect that as Jesus reviewed his day after upturning the tables at Temple, he, too, turned to his Abba and said all is in Your hands, ALL is in Your hands.

KC Young, OP
Kirkland, Washington

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