Monday, November 26, 2012


Gratitude is for all seasons! I am so aware of the many blessings in my life. I recently led a weekend retreat at Sinsinawa Mound entitled “Walking the Path of Life: Exploring Life’s Transitions.”  Seven people gathered not knowing one another. Through the grace of God we became a community, able to trust our inner longings and be a support to each other. This was truly a profound time of grace.

On the last day we gave thanks for our blessings.  As I reflected on my blessings I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my ministry of spiritual companioning and retreat facilitation. There are so many people who have invited me into their hearts and entrusted me with their sacred stories. What an awesome privilege it is to be with people who desire to go deeper. I am forever changed for good.

Each of us is called by God and given a mission. We need others on that journey with us who are willing to reveal the movement of God within. What are you discovering about yourself? What do you need to go deeper?

Mary T. Johnson, OP
Westchester, Illinois

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