Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reflections at a Christmas Pageant

This year our parish decided to put on a Christmas pageant.  Children ages four to twelve volunteered to be in this pageant.  The youngest children were the sheep, but a few were elevated to shepherd status.  A legally blind little girl was the Angel Gabriel.  Joseph was shorter than Mary, and the readers read too fast.  It was over in fifteen minutes--all of the work that went into this production--making costumes, learning lines, and coming to rehearsals. Was it worth it?

The girl chosen to be Mary looked carefully through her doll collection to choose just the right doll to be the baby Jesus.  A four year old was on his best behavior so he could be a sheep.  No matter what part they had each child was excited to be part of this pageant and put their whole hearts into it.  Cameras flashed constantly to capture moments that will be long remembered.  Oh, yes, it was worth it.

What happened to the children in the preparation for this event was more important than the actual pageant.  In their simplicity and focus they experienced the spiritual depth of Christmas. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of these children caused me to reflect on what the coming of our Savior as a little child should mean for me and what it means for the way I live my life.  What do you reflect on? 

Marie Lucek, OP
Juneau, Alaska


  1. I think it was indeed worth it. Just think of the beautiful memories these children will carry with them!

  2. This is a beautiful reflection. Thank you!! And little children shall lead you ....

  3. What a wonderful thing this must have been...I am certain it will be remembered by both the performers and the audience. Thank you for bringing this event to your parish community!


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