Thursday, January 17, 2013

Continuing the Family Theme - We Learn By Example

I am currently a part-time student in a graduate program at Barry University in Miami, FL.  As any  good Dominican would be;  I am enthralled with this rigorous study and all that it entails.  That being said, there are few opportunities in life equal to the examples we learn from others.  One person who constantly teaches me about life and love and God’s eternal compassion is my younger sister, Sharon. There she is in the picture tubing with her youngest, Gracie.

My sister Sharon is an amazing woman.  She loves life and is so open to the endless possibilities available to us.  She absolutely refuses to name “normal.”  Her wellspring of compassion matches her zest for life.  Sharon is one of those people who has learned how to always tell the truth.  Smart, funny, full of good humor; Sharon is a joy to be around. 

Recently, Sharon, along with her family, had to face an incredible struggle.  She did this with an unflappable reserve of strength and good sense.  She taught us all how to face a challenge and get through it.  Sharon reminded us that suffering comes into each life; what really counts is how you handle it.  She allowed others to be with her and for her.      

Books and classes cannot match the lessons we learn from those around us who embody God’s faithfulness.  They are our modern-day saints; walking alongside us to point out God’s grace and goodness.  I count my sister Sharon in that march.

Who has shown you the face of God recently?

Peggy Ryan, OP
Whitefish Bay, WI – spending a few weeks of study in Florida!

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