Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dancing Women of 2013

At New Year I am asking, "When have I heard God calling in 2012?  Where am I being called today?" As I looked at my journal for 2012 I found entries about wanting to be part of the dance of the universe.  So here I am on this 9th day of Christmas, and I am thinking of the 9 ladies dancing of the old carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas".. Who are the dancing women of 2013?  How are they called?

1 women of learning
2 women of music and dance
3 women of art and drama
4 women of foreign policy
5 women of peace
6 women for justice
7 women for women
8 women against racism
9 women for . . . (you name it)

I realize that God is calling women of every talent to be women of the Gospel in 2013. I want to support other gospel women.  I am grateful that I am called to be a Sinsinawa Dominican. In community we support one another to go where ever the work is great and difficult and where each is sent by Jesus, the Lord of the Dance.

Will you come dance with us?
Joan Duerst
Monona House

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