Monday, January 7, 2013


As I write this on the Feast of the Holy Family, I’m thinking about what that means to me.  My biological family comes to mind, for sure.  We are a tight-knit group and were blessed to spend quality time together on Christmas night. 

Being a mother, my son immediately comes to mind.  We’re not a “typical nuclear family” because I’m a single mom.  Never doubt, though, that he and I are as much family as any other. With such a diverse universe, what is “typical” anyhow?  How did “nuclear” come to define the love bond that holds so many people together? My candidacy has expanded my family, but that family has also welcomed my son as their own!

On Christmas Eve at the Mound, I witnessed family at the 7:30 mass as sisters and outlying community members enjoyed breathtaking music followed by the breaking of bread together in the Eucharist.  The best kind of family meal!

On Christmas morning, I witnessed the profound meaning of family when sisters and friends gathered round one of our own upon receiving word of the death of her beloved brother, Fr. Mike Lisbeth.  Family encircled Lynn with love and compassion, and they continue to do so.  She’s family.  He’s family.  We’re family. That’s what we do.
Families come in all manner of shape, size, and appearance.  With love at its center, one is not more or less than another.  Different, perhaps, but family just the same.
How do you celebrate family?

Kathy Flynn, Candidate
Madison, Wisconsin

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  1. I am sorry to hear of the death of Sr Lynn's brother. May his soul, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. I am a laywoman privately vowed in celibate chastity and for me the Church and my parish is my family. In Madison, my family the Church is continually under siege but right downtown we actually have a great faithful Catholic community. I recognize Sr Lynn's name from the sad recent problem of Sr Lynn and some others teaching un-Catholic ideas (I just learned more about some of that when I saw at the Mound recently the film "Band of Sisters") in Catholic parishes--then a huge explosion of liberal outrage apparently centered from Edgewood College, after Bishop Morlino confidentially asked pastors not to have their group "Wisdom's Well" do stuff in parishes. That's right, the bishop exercises his obvious prerogative to ensure what is taught in Catholic parishes is faithfully Catholic, and then there's outrage?! I am a 34 year old Catholic in downtown Madison, I wasn't well educated in the Faith when I was a child and I fell away, when I came back I actually want the truth, I want the actual sound teaching of the Church, I want Jesus the Way, the Truth, the Life. I was a liberal/progressive before I came back to the Church and very steeped in religious indifferentism, interreligious spirituality, etc, panentheism, radical environmentalism, moral relativism especially on sexuality and sanctity of life for the unborn, and much more, and I didn't even KNOW how ignorant I was of Catholic teaching and reasoned explanation of it. Having read other history of what happened in the religious orders, I have some knowledge of how things went the way they did, but it is still both sad and incredible. I know truly wonderful Catholics who were educated by Sinsinawa Sisters many, many years ago and they say they were great, then. I have a category on my blog of articles on the Sinsinawa Dominicans. I love you all and pray and know God loves you. I love religious life and Sisters and wish we had more.


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