Monday, January 14, 2013

We Saw His Light Appear.....

How "was" your Christmas?  I ask the question in the past tense.  Did you notice I was wrong in doing this?  The Christmas season lasts much longer than one day.  In fact, some Christians observe the season until the presentation of Jesus in the Temple (February 2).

Epiphany is a favorite celebration for me.  I find the account in Matthew  compelling - full of intrigue - just plain cool.  Of course we have lots of legendary material that has enhanced & expanded the story, but I prefer to take the account just as it comes to us in the Gospel.

This year, for Epiphany, I attended Mass in the Maronite Rite.  This is one of the 23 Rites in our church and is one of the oldest, established in what is present day Lebanon.  In the US, the Rite is celebrated with parts in English, Arabic & Aramaic (the language of Jesus).

In the homily, the preacher noted that our English translation of the story in Matthew has always translated the ancient word to our word: star.  But this is not really what the word in the original text meant.  Rather the manuscript speaks of the magi seeing Jesus' light appearing.

The magnitude of the human birth of the divine light could not be contained and it drew these watchers of signs to the place of Jesus birth.  They were ready to see the Light of the World while Herod was not.

What will help ready you to not only see the Divine Light revealed but to bring it to others?

Sr. Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach  FL


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