Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Call

I’ve been reflecting on what it means to “be called.” I’ve decided, at least for now, that a “call” isn’t to something or some place “out there,” but is rather a day-to-day whisper that each of us receives.  Moment-by-moment and breath-by-breath, God calls us to holiness.  No matter what we do or how old we are or where we find ourselves in life, we are called to holiness.  What a gift.
This morning, I walked to my Liberation Theology class, being held off-campus some distance from my house.  “A good stretch of the legs,” to quote a line from “The Quiet Man.”  At one point, I caught myself looking ahead through the flakes of a snowstorm, for the traffic light at a major intersection, still blocks ahead.  I became immediately and acutely aware that by doing that, I was missing the holiness of that very moment - the beauty of the walk; the sound of snow crunching underfoot; the sweep of snow-laden branches of the fir tree right in front of me; the silence of the falling snow.  At that moment, as I decided to answer that particular call to holiness, my walk became a prayer.
As you still yourself in the presence of God’s whisperings, what do you hear?  How are you being called to holiness in this moment?

Kathy Flynn, Candidate
Madison, Wisconsin

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  1. That is a fresh look at the idea of "call." It is indeed a moment to moment desire to seek God where and with whom I find myself (Jesus in disguise). Thank you for this fresh look.


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