Thursday, February 28, 2013

Community Living in a Digital Age

Several years ago, approximately twenty of us formed a committee to discuss community life. We faithfully came together for about two years - sharing our understanding of “community” and ways we hoped to create our future together. The specifics of how we envisioned community life varied somewhat. But, the desire to live together and bear witness to the gospel we pray and preach remained the cornerstones of each conversation.

An exciting aspect of living in the digital age is that the “walls” and “places” we live aren’t static. Discovering ways of creating community in this new age inspires creativity, alternative ways of thinking and openness to possibilities. It’s all very exciting, actually!

Today, I experience community beyond solidly constructed walls under a single roof and geographical borders. Yet equally awesome in this culture of innovation and change, is an unwavering commitment to community life which includes sacrifices and challenges, true affection for my sisters and others, diverse service opportunities and great joy. Connections, conversations and community are part of the present and future we can create together.

How do you imagine your life will look into the future? Who are you hoping will be a part of it? Can you imagine creating community and a future with us?

Tanya Williams, OP
St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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