Monday, March 18, 2013

Preaching Justice

Living in Latin America now gives me energy to walk humbly and consider God’s life amidst differences.  The people of God here whom I know show me resilience for living each day.  We have been studying Canadian mining here in our area in Morelos and its negative effects on the environment.  Additionally we have been rehabbing homes of families living in low economic conditions.  These are two examples of extremes, a wealthy mining company looking for gold to sell and mothers and fathers hoping to have an adequate roof and bathroom for their small house.

I trust God has called me here to Mexico to walk in faith and confidence and do the small works we are able to do for basic human rights of the people. A dignified house, a roof and a bathroom are basic rights. The open pit mining in Mexico is disastrous to the environment and thus we speak against it. God leads me as a Dominican to preach through this work for justice.

What extremes are in your world? And how do you choose the path to follow?  I have chosen to follow my heart and there I have found God truly present.  And I love it!

Kathy Long O.P.

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  1. Your ministry in Mexico, Kathy, is truly a walk in faith and one where God's presence is seen and felt in the people in the deepest, most profound way! What a blessing you are to them, they to you, and all of you to all of us! God's work is often done in small, but steady, steps. It was such an honor and a privilege to be able to spend time with you, with the people of Cuernavaca, and with the people of La Estacion and beyond....Thank you for all for your continuous 'yes'! - Kathy F.


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