Wednesday, April 3, 2013

God Calls

Happy Easter!  Even though the weather is more “winter-like” our Holy Week and Easter services at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center at Western Kentucky University have been beautiful and filled with life because of the participation of so many college students.  These young people continue to inspire me by their faith and Christian witness.

The Holy Spirit must be spending a lot time in Bowling Green this year because three young women and two young men from Western KY University are now applying for admission to religious communities or the seminary for the Diocese of Owensboro.  This has caused me to reflect on how God calls us to where we need to be.  Each of the women is applying to a different community because each one believes God wants her to participate in the ministry and community life of that particular group. 

How is God calling you?  To live a single life?  A married life?  To consider religious life as a way of love and service to a fractured world as a member of a community?  Pray that during this beautiful season of Easter God continues to guide you in your life choices.

God bless!
Georgia Acker, OP 
Bowling Green, KY

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