Thursday, April 25, 2013


If I were to assess my heart at this moment, I would say that it is filled with gratitude – gratitude for having been called to Dominican life and gratitude for the gifts I’ve received these past couple of weeks that have resulted either directly or indirectly because of that call.  

If you’ve been following this blogspot, you’ve read about our Sr. Priscilla’s profession of final vows.  What a gift to have been there to celebrate the event with Priscilla and many of our sisters!  In the midst of a very busy week, I managed to contract an eye infection.  I am so grateful for a caring doctor who diagnosed the problem, prescribed treatment for it, and even gave me a follow up call today to ask about my well-being.  I am also thankful for the increased energy I am experiencing today after healing has begun.  I am grateful to be in the midst of my Dominican sisters who have supported me even when I wasn’t feeling well.

Another surprise event occurred a couple of days ago as I was sitting in the doctor’s office.  One of my biological sisters called to ask something of me.  I was most honored with her request, and I am ever grateful for the relationship we have formed as adults.  We have learned to honor and respect each other’s choices and unique faith journeys. The sibling rivalry of childhood is a thing of the past.  Another gift!

For what are you grateful?
Are you called to experience a relationship with many sisters?

Anne Sur, OP
East Dubuque, Illinois

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