Monday, April 29, 2013

God's Call

Here in Trinidad we had been having a really hot, dry, ‘Dry season’ and then last week it began to rain. Weather forecasters warned that it was not really the ‘Rainy season’ yet but.. who cares? It is raining and the dry, parched lawns are sprouting green once more.

Beneath all the dryness, life continued just waiting for the rain. Isn’t that what life is like? We struggle through our own personal dry seasons when we feel like a plant withering in the heat..we struggle to collect whatever life-giving moisture we can find, so we can hold our heads up like the beautiful dry season flowers.. Then, when we least expect it, the rain begins. 

How have you experienced this in your life?

There was a time when lots and lots of young women wanted to give their lives to God and headed off to convents and monasteries. Today there are not so many. But there are some, and their lives bring joy to us…like our own Sr. Priscilla who made final vows recently.

A Dominican monastery here in Trinidad had had only one woman making vows during the past 40 years. For a long time no one had joined. Then last year a young woman dared to enter. Recently she began her novitiate.

Our religious communities of women in Trinidad are planning a weekend retreat in June for women interested in exploring how God might be calling them. How is God calling you?

Christina Araujo, OP

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