Monday, May 27, 2013

Learning Dominican Style

The Class of 2013 played a senior prank on our school the week of Graduation.  They put our school up for sale by covering the side yard with FOR SALE signs.  This creative, fun gesture exemplifies for me what is most important about Dominican learning – community.  These young men and women got together to show us, the Faculty, and Staff, as well as the outside world, one more act of community.  

They are Dominicans.  It is who they have become over their four years.  In the classroom, at Eucharist, on the playing field, or at a choir concert or play performance each one of these graduating seniors has been offered a sense of belonging.  In their best moments and worst failures, we have shown up and been present.  Now, they will lead the way for others, always bringing with them the gifts of study, prayer, community, and service. 

Where have you seen community lately?

Peggy Ryan, OP
Whitefish Bay, WI

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