Thursday, May 16, 2013

Where Is God Leading You?

There are so many concerns in our world and the days are only 24 hours long. Life has given me great opportunities to know human rights defenders and people in a variety of struggles. This photo is with Attorney Estela Angeles Mondrag√≥n who defends the rights of the land for Indigenous Raramuri (two men in photo) in northern Mexico.  Isabel, my coworker, and I had the honor to welcome them to our center and participate as Estela received a human rights prize for her key legal work to save the land rights of a vulnerable population.

As Dominicans we seek truth and justice for all. We work in struggles of immigration and land rights, worker rights for many. It is invigorating work and exciting. I have met wonderful people in this journey. God leads us and we follow where the Spirit directs. Together with dedicated folks we make a difference and see change happen.

Where is God leading you? Who are you meeting on the journey? I love being Dominican; it is life giving! Aware of the risks involved, I see change happen and it gives me strength.

Kathy Long O.P.
Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico

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