Thursday, June 27, 2013


A month from today will mark the 10 year anniversary of my embarking upon this journey to vowed Dominican life.  I began that journey on July 28, 2003.  Throughout the formation period I gradually began to identify myself as a Dominican sister.  I had an experience this past weekend which confirmed that identity.

I was called to represent our Congregation and preach on behalf of our Bolivia, Mexico, and Trinidad & Tobago missions.  I felt humbled to have been invited to step into this role.  Though I have never been a missionary outside of the United States, after reading the stories of our sisters in these mission locations and having formed relationships with each of them, I believed the Holy Spirit would inspire me to deliver a message to the people of God in 2 small parishes in Iowa.  After I had done the preparation for the preaching and “let go and let God” during the actual delivery, I could hear the plea for the congregation to identify with their brothers and sisters in Mexico, Bolivia, and Trinidad, and I could feel their responsiveness.

Reflecting upon that experience this week, I realized how much I now identify myself with my sisters in our Congregation.   I realized how much I now identify myself as a Dominican sister of Sinsinawa.

How do you identify yourself?
Are you called to embark on a journey for a different twist to your identity?

Anne Sur, OP
East Dubuque, Iowa

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